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General Mechanic

A car mechanic provides maintenance, repairs, diagnostic testing, and inspections to cars and small trucks. An auto mechanic works on a car’s engine, transmission, drive belts, and electronic systems that include brakes, steering, and accident-averting systems. Because of emerging trends and popularity with alternative energy, a car mechanic can also work on a car that uses alternative fuel sources such as ethanol or electricity.

Other services provided by a car mechanic include:

• Batteries
• Engine repair
• Fluids
• Free Check Engine Diagnosis
• Inspection and Emission
• Lights
• Oil change
• Tire rotation and alignment
• Tune-up services

Oil Change

An oil change is a standard service that your car needs after traveling every few thousand miles. It enhances your car’s long life as it keeps it in excellent shape.

Wheel Alignment

You probably may have experienced your car tugging to one side where you struggle to keep it in a straight line while driving. This tugging means that the wheels are misaligned, and you need to rectify the problem right away. Visit Victor’s Tires and Custom Wheels for servicing; if the misalignment goes unattended, it could further damage the car’s suspension, tires, and other critical parts.

Tire Services and Rotation

The more you drive your car, the more worn down the tires become, necessitating repairs. Since your vehicle cannot function without tires, you need to take it for patching, rotation, or replacing. Victor’s Tires and Custom Wheels can carry out these types of repairs easily.

Brake Service

Brake service is a routine service at Victor’s Tires and Custom Wheels. Arrange for regular brake checkups to assess the performance of the car’s brake system. Driving a vehicle with faulty brakes is dangerous as it can cause an accident.

Inspection and Emissions

This service is an inspection required by the government regulated by individual states to ensure that cars are safe while on the road. This state-regulated inspection has two parts; the first inspection checks the car’s proper functionality while the second part inspections emissions to ensure that the vehicle does not emit more gases than it is legally permitted. Every state has different laws to govern the inspection of vehicles’ emissions, although the evaluation is almost the same for all states. The skilled mechanics at Victor’s Tires and Custom Wheels can perform these inspections with ease.

Engine Diagnosis

An engine diagnosis is a test done to establish why the engine is not working correctly; the mechanics at Victor’s Tires and Custom Wheels can perform engine diagnostics on your vehicle. Our mechanic performs a diagnosis to obtain information to help the mechanic better repair the car. It is also useful when checking the car for emissions to check whether the vehicle is in line with its car class emission standard.

Preventive Auto Maintenance

Preventative auto maintenance is caring for and protecting your car against probable auto repairs. Neglecting your vehicle will cost you a lot of money on avoidable repairs. You can forfeit your warranty on certain car parts or components if you do not go for preventive maintenance. Regular preventative auto maintenance improves the car’s durability, reliability, and resale value. The intervals between services depend on your driving conditions, where some can be closer to each other.

Benefits of Preventive Auto Maintenance

Car parts and components wear out naturally over time, and exposure to road hazards can affect the car’s essential components. By sticking to preventive vehicle maintenance, your vehicle will always be in optimal condition. Depending on the vehicle’s maintenance interval mileage, the staff at Victor’s Tires and Custom Wheels may assess the function of your suspension and steering components, hoses and belts, fluid filters, and other parts to ensure the proper functioning of the vehicle.

Our mechanic will check essential car fluids, review interior and exterior lights, check batteries, and assess windshield wiper blades. They will also inspect locks and hinges, transmission parts, fire exhaust system, establish the extent of ball joint wear, and perform both tire inflation and wear inspection checks.

It is vital to schedule preventive maintenance to check your vehicle for these and other parts to ensure they continue to perform as expected. Remember that your surroundings can impact your maintenance schedule. Depending on the conditions you drive in, it may be necessary to go for more regular replacements and inspections.

To keep your car in top condition, bring it to Victor’s Tires and Custom Wheels for a checkup the moment it develops a problem. It is also good to have regular preventive maintenance to detect problems with the car in advance. Preventative maintenance will help you avoid more damage as you will catch the issue before it advances.

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