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We all want our vehicles to have a specific look whenever we pull up into a driveway or parking lot. Everyone’s favorite thing to do when customizing a car to reflect our personality and preferences is adding custom wheels and tires to the vehicle. Custom wheels and tires are the perfect way to make your ride stand out. At Victor’s Tires and Custom Wheels in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, we offer a massive variety of custom wheels and tires suitable for every make and model of car. Our shop’s flexible hours make it convenient for you to customize your vehicle on your schedule. Plus, our lounge areas with free Wi-Fi allow you to relax as we work to get your car perfectly dialed in. When our professionally trained tire mechanics finish work on your vehicle, and you love what you see, payment is a snap. At Victor’s Tires and Custom Wheels, we accept debit cards, VISA, and MasterCard.

Wheels & Custom Rims

Sometimes, shopping for wheels and tires can be confusing. It can be hard to understand the difference between wheels and rims when shopping for upgrades. One can think that wheels and rims are the same things when, in fact, the rim is just a part of the wheel. The rim is the cylindrical metallic ring that holds the tires on the wheel. In the early days of vehicles, the rim and axle were connected by spokes. Discs later replaced these spokes. Today, if you see spoke designed wheels, they are either cast or forged alloys with styled spokes for an attractive look.

Different vehicles use different wheel sizes and shapes to be able to hold and move their load. Tires transfer a vehicle’s load from the axle to the wheel and to the ground providing traction on the surface over which the wheel travels. At Victor’s Tires and Custom Wheels, we offer custom wheels and tires that best suit your preference and vehicle. We have wheels for all budgets and are confident that you’ll leave our shop feeling great about our products and service.

Visit one of the 11 Victor’s Tires and Custom Wheels locations along the Wasatch Front. You will leave a satisfied customer. We pride ourselves on providing quality services to our customers that exceed expectations.